Raymond L. Mariani, P.C. - Attorney at Law & Certified Mediator
Aviation Experience

Ray Mariani has been retained for cases in virtually every facet of the aviation industry for over two decades.  He has been counsel in contract disputes, property losses, wrongful death and bodily injury claims, warranty issues and product liability claims.  His work involves airlines, general aviation, FBO's, airports, MRO's, OEM's and he is well known to the many insurers and brokers in the US, London, Paris and other markets who underwrite in these areas.  Some example of his representation include:

Recognized expertise in a wide variety of turbine and other engines as counsel in air crashes and other investigations, including:
   Allison/Rolls Royce
   Pratt & Whitney
   General Electric
Cases involving a wide variety of engine components and parts, including fuel pumps, FCU’s, couplings, bearings, turbine blades, gearbox clutch systems, and others.
Ground handling matters involving various property damage, bodily injury, wrongful death, theft, assault, vehicle collision, cargo loss and other losses at airports nationwide.
Representation in commercial airline hull losses, Warsaw/Montreal Convention claims and other lawsuits involving property damages, wrongful death and bodily injury.

FBO cases concerning towing, jet blast, tie downs, fueling and other losses.

Fuel provider losses at airports nationwide in cases involving contaminated fuel, environmental losses, benzene exposure, property damage, fire, and other losses.
Counsel in numerous helicopter accident cases involving military aircraft, logging, long line operations and fire suppression.
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